Terms and condition

For Hotels and Holiday Tours Booking related policies kindly visit our section 'Our Policies'.

For privacy policy adopted by us visit our section of Privacy Policy in 'Our Policies'.

For Bus, Rail and Air Ticket booking, Check the Terms and Conditions, Cancellation and Refund Policy, at the time of booking. All the policies given by principal supplier are adopted by us without any change or amendment. So these will be bound to the customer. Moreover, we act as a mere Travel Agent and hence no responsibility is taken by us for whatsoever issue. Our responsibility is limited to the booking of the tickets only.

For Car Hires below terms and conditions are applicable.

- The car hire is limited to point to point basis. The vehicle is not at disposal.

- KM Reading starts from our office or supplier office.

- Any issue or penalty imposed due to customer's behavior, illegal activity, anti-social behavior, non-adopting the RTO rules like excess number of passengers and other things should be borne by the customer. We or our suppliers take no responsibility for such acts/deeds/behavior. Customers are advised to abide by the law of the land.

- Customer must provide valid photo identity card and address proof of the self and passenger while hiring the Cars from us.

- Toll and Parking charges are borne by the customer unless and until it is part of the trip cost agreed by us.

- Customer must pay the advance and settle balance payment at the end of the trip. No credit is allowed post trip completion. No argument will be entertained for whatsoever reasons for reducing the agreed amount, KM and balance payment.

- Customers are advised to insure themselves by Travel Insurance for every trip.

- Kindly note that our terms and conditions may undergo revision without any intimation to registered or Walk-In customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the same at the time of booking.