We are just like YOU, a Traveler !!

Seat Selection

During air-travel, seats are assigned either during check-in at airport or web check-in. Budget airlines offer you the choices for seat selection, albeit with more money to shell out. One may feel this is a costly affair but overall it is good to pay when your flight time is more than 1 hour as you will feel crumbled in Free back seats assigned later.

So our advice, pre-select the seats, especially when traveling with budget airlines.

Get Travel Insurance

Get covered before you travel! Whether you are flying around the world or across the country, give yourself peace of mind before you go. Most of the travel insurance companies cover lot many things like flight delays, baggage loss, passport loss, temporary exit pass, accidents, loss of life or disability etc. Now one may think that it won't happen to him/her. God forbidden, it should not happen to anyone still one must be prepared to face any eventuality. And considering the cost to be paid in foreign countries, assistance needed, we strongly advise going for Travel Insurance.

If you need a suitable Insurance product, we do offer the same in alliance with Tata AIG. Of course, you can find many options on the web but be sure what you are getting else you may feel cheated later.

Pack Ur Bags Wisely !!

Why do we say Pack Ur Bags Wisely? Because it is the thing which may affect your journey positively or otherwise. You may overload your baggage and pay extra or pack less and buy more stuff during the journey. For example, travelers forget slippers and swim wears while going to beaches, forget their routine medicines and then suffer to get exactly same one en-route. So one needs to be careful and wise while packing the bags whenever going outside, be it weekend gateways or long tour.

We have designed the packing list just for you, leisure and business travelers both. Just send us a message through Contact Us page and we will send you the same.

Bon Voyage !!

Food on the way !!

Are you a Foodie? Or strict on diet? Whatever may be the case, remember your mood depends on what you eat and where you eat. It is a good idea to taste local cuisines always and strongly recommended by us. But if you are particular about your choices, then better prepare yourself before starting the journey. Decide which dry food items can be carried along with, choices available on In-flight menu, nearby restaurants in your stay area or for that matter choice offered by your booked Hotel and en-route to sightseeing places.

One of the major reasons people don't enjoy otherwise exotic locations is lack of food of their choice as not many can adjust with local cuisines and result in health issues. So next time you fly or drive to outside locations, remember what your taste buds are and what is available there.

Bon Appetit !!

Checklist for Holiday Planners - Self Planning

Self-planning for the Family Holidays is in vogue due to tremendous info available on the web. Though it is economical at the cost, sometimes it turns too economical for your joy, happiness, and experience as the amateur may not know all stuff what a professional like us knows. Nevertheless, one should check below things.

- Get confirmation for your itinerary, air, rail or bus. If using self-drive cars then go for service check up before pounding on the accelerator.

- Get to know your Hotels. Don't hook on cheap deals.Trust, nobody offers free lunch in this world. Unless and until you are a backpacker, try to stay in a good hotel in the good locality for your own safety and blissful experience.

- Remember, you go on Holidays for refreshing mood, experimenting new things, area or season and not to show to the world how hard you bargain for everything (that you do in routine life anyway ) So count on your experience, thrill, fresh breath you get during your holidays and spend reasonably without taxing your mind and body.

- Don't assume anything in your planning. E.g. hotel may offer pure veg food, you will hire car/bike at the destination, distances and travel time in hilly or crowded areas and many more points. Research and then plan. Things & People are different at different places and that is the reason you wanna experience during travel.