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Now, this is a tricky question. Both types of tours come with advantages and disadvantages.

In the FIT, you get flexibility. The whole tour program is designed as per your interest, budget, and schedule. You have many options while choosing types of hotels, the location of the hotels, Vehicle, and sightseeing points. Even you get privacy on the tour with your family/friends and enjoyment is within a known circle. But all these factors put more burden monetarily. FITs are usually costlier than Group tours on per person basis.

In the GIT, cost-benefit is the primary concern of the tourist. Of course, as the GIT is mostly designed by tour operator considering many factors and making it economical, you have little control over things such as the type of hotels, itinerary and co-travelers. Some people may enjoy the company of strangers, some may not. Many tour operators add group activities on the tour to make the experience better and enjoyable for all. But one needs to be careful while selecting the tour.

Nowadays, there is a new trend, Customized Groups. Herein, your family and friends travel together as a group. Usually, the size of the group is 15 pax and more. In such arrangements, you get best of both the worlds. You can design the whole tour as per your interest, budget, and schedule. As it is group tour, even the tour operator is able to reduce the cost. You can check with us for customized group tours. We have many successful examples of such tours.

Usually, you will come across these terms like FIT and GIT when you search for Holiday Tours.

FIT stands for Family / Free Independent Tours and GIT is Group Inclusive Tours.

In a FIT, the tour program is designed particularly for individuals or families considering their budget, interest and schedule/date of travels.

In GIT, most of the time, the tour program is generally standard tour program with must see places included and normally suitable travel dates for general tourists. These are offered during non-peak seasons, holidays or vacation periods.